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Welcome to the Footbridge Forum!

The Clark Fork River separates the main campus of the University of Montana from the city of Missoula. The river is both a literal and symbolic division between campus and town. Despite this natural and cultural barrier students and citizens make their way between the two thanks to a wooden footbridge. Our community forum will attempt to create a new kind of bridge, one not made of wood but of understanding and communication. Our footbridge will forge a path for which Missoula and the University of Montana can find common ground through deliberation.

Through the next few months the Footbridge Forum will discuss the cultural issue of sexual assault. Why do people rape?, How has culture influenced our opinion on rape? What actions can we take to reduce occurrences of sexual assault? The Footbridge as Forum is primarily a open discussion format radio show that encourages community participation. With that in mind please feel free to call in and speak your opinion during the shows.

Call In :  406-243-4173

Also, please feel free to interact with us on the show using our Facebook and Twitter pages

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