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Without Consent Episode 3: End the Trend

 In this last episode we make suggestions to help prevent sexual assault on campus and in the Missoula community. 

  • What can the university do better to communicate problems effectively  to the community and the press?
  • What can the Missoula community do to reverse the culture of victim blaming?
  • What can individuals do to prevent sexual assaults outright?


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Without Consent Episode 2: The Blame Game

In this episode of the Footbridge Forum’s Without Consent, we investigate the myths surrounding sexual assault, the communication between the stakeholders of incidents on campus, and examine the roles college athletes play in these incidents.

Thank You:  As always we would like to thank our panelists who participated in the show. We would also like to thank KBGA for airing this show.

Our last broadcast, entitled “End the Trend” will be live on April 26th at 8pm on KBGA.

This is your last chance to interact with the show.

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You can interact with us during the program on April 26th by calling  406-243-4173

You can also download the second episode of the podcast by clicking the download link below.


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